Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finding DFS Fantasy Basketball at Draft Kings

Each and every week I do a posting about finding value for DFS NBA basketball games at FanDuel. Since I’m currently in New York and am unable to access the FanDuel slate of games I thought I would head over to Draft Kings and have a look at what they are offering and see if we can’t help some of you out here tonight.

Draft Kings DFS Basketball is much different than FanDuel; they give a bonus for “double-doubles”, “triple doubles”, three pointers and have a smaller salary cap ($50,000) and one less player than FanDuel offers so we need to keep these things in mind when looking for value.

Six games are on tonight’s slate with the highest over under totals being Golden State/Lakers (214) and Clippers/Denver game (206). With the exception of the Dallas/Memphis game the other games are all over 200 points so it’s going to take at least 320 points or better to take down a GPP tonight.

That means you will have to average 40 points per man in order to even sniff a GPP first place prize tonight and with the small slate of games that also means you are going to need to roster at least two if not three very expensive players in order to win tonight.

Steph Curry is an easy choice to make tonight. He has a Draft Kings floor of 37.85 and a ceiling of 60.89 but he also comes with a $10,900 dollar price tag. That’s a 10 percent hit to your payroll and with the Warriors playing the hapless Lakers he might play enough to make value but more than likely he won’t. I think I would fade Curry tonight at PG and instead opt for Lou Williams for $4,000.

So why Williams tonight? For starters it’s the highest over under on the slate and more than likely the Lakers are going to get blown out by the Warriors. Williams is coming off the bench and the reigning 6th man of the year usually excels in garbage time. His floor is 14 and his ceiling is 26 and he hasn’t had a big game yet this season. 24 points isn’t out of the realm of possibilities either and I’m thinking it will be easier for Williams to make 24 than it will for Curry to make 65 plus.

The Pacers Jordan Hill at PF for $4,800 is another possible value play tonight. Over his past 10 games he’s averaging 25.95 Fantasy points per game and that includes 3 “double doubles” over those same 10 games. Washington is currently 18th in the NBA defending power forwards, Hill is averaging almost 25 minutes a night and he could be a very good an inexpensive option for you to consider tonight.

Now you have a little more room in order to spend up and grab Curry if you want or maybe Damian Lillard, a Paul George or a Blake Griffin and maybe win one of tonight’s many GPP opportunities at Draft Kings tonight.

Good luck tonight!